Mac Messages – Add Account and Share Screen

Mac Messages, previously called iChat, allows remote management of a Mac. These instructions were written for Messages. The steps for iChat may be slightly different.

Configure Messages

1. Open Messages.

2. From the Messages menu, choose Add Account…

Mac Messages Add Account menu item

3. In the Add Account dialog, click “Other messages account…” and then the Continue button.

Mac Messages Choose Account Type dialog

4. In the Add a Messages Account dialog, use the following settings and then click the Create button.

  • Account Type: AIM
  • Username: Enter your AIM/AOL username. This is often your email address. Or create an AIM account.
  • Password: The password for the username.

Mac Messages AIM Account Settings

5. After you are logged in, make sure that Messages is available by choosing Available from the My Status menu item under the Messages menu.

Mac Messages Available Status Menu Item

Start Screen Sharing

Once your computer is Available, your screen buddy (usually Will) will send a request to share the computer’s screen.

Messages will display a window asking you to confirm the request and will ring a chime. If you do not see the window, from the Window menu, choose Screen Sharing.

Mac Messages Screen Sharing Menu Item

The screen sharing dialog:

Mac Messages Screen Sharing Window

Click the Accept button and your buddy can now see and control your computer.